One doesn't stop seeing. One doesn't stop framing. It doesn't turn off and turn on. It's on all the time. ~Annie Leibovitz

My journey started with light! For over 20 years, I was a lighting designer for live events. I later moved on to video editing and color grading. My eye for creativity and passion for light always seened to shine through in everything I did. Now I am enjoying holding a camera in my hands, again, using light as my focus and looking for that perfect view or unique angle to share with somebody. Since no two people look at things the same way, it's nice to be able to share my view and vision with others. Light has such a fascinating way of capturing people and objects and I learned from a very young age how to control that light - from filters on moving lights all the way down to the lens and sensor of a camera. I've never been more inspired to capture each moment and I can't wait to see what I can create for you!

Commercial Photography

If you're a small business owner or entrepreneur who
wants to use photography to build your brand and online
presence, then Personal Branding Photography is a must.
Imagery that truly shows off your unique personality and
style are so important to creating a lasting brand. I create
stunning, high-quality images that position brands in the
minds of the viewers through a single or series of
photographs. They tell a “story” forming a connection that
words simply can't.

Product Photography

It's all about standing out! In today’s world, an image is
everything. Maybe you want to launch a new idea or have
a creative project to share; whatever it is, the way you tell
your story online can make all the difference. I create
quality product images that can drive company sales and
brand identity. I am fully equipped to provide product
photography services for apparel, small to medium sized
goods and electronics. From simple product-on-white, to
fully styled concepts, I can make it look amazing.

Professional Headshots

You are not an amateur, so don't represent yourself with an amateur headshot. Your headshot should send a message; representing you as the confident, approachable career professional that you are. I use precise lighting elements, proper camera angles and tack-sharp focus to create stunning headshots that don't look overly retouched. Just let me know what your specific needs are and you'll be glad you took the time to invest in yourself.

Solo Sessions

My goal for these sessions is to capture what makes you shine! Whether it's your smile, your style or your attitude, I'm here to help you express yourself. These sessions are designed to reflect YOUR unique beauty and personality and, therefore, customizable to meet your vision. I enjoy single subject sessions because they allow me to focus on the fine details to get that perfect shot. These sessions last up to 1 hour.

Senior Pictures

You're a SENIOR now! Which means, you've got the style, and 1've got the talent to capture it. Speaking of YOU, that's the entire focus of your senior portrait session. No matter what locations you choose or what props you bring, these sessions are a one-of-a-kind experience. Choose 2-3 locations and outfit changes and I'll put the spotlight on your style and achievements with creative looks that let your personality shine through.

Showcase Your Property

If you're serious about selling houses, then it's imperative to
have professional pictures that will attract buyers. All real
estate photography packages include high-resolution
photos, shot with a combination of off-camera flash and
ambient light for a crisp, natural look. Each property photo
is individually processed to enhance color and clarity and
listing photos are delivered electronically within 24 to 36
hours after the shoot.

360° Stunning 3D Virtual Tours

Let's face it. times have definitely changed and people are
wanting to buy everything from the comfort of their home.
including houses. A 360° virtual tour enables agents to
share their listing like a 24/7 open house. Unlike
conventional photographs, a 360° image shows an entire
room or environment, even on mobile devices. This IS the
direction residential and commercial properties are going,
so make sure you have this to share with your buyers.

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